Game Design Portfolio

Below you will find an overview of my game development and level design work. Primarily the work is for Quake 3 and Quake, but there are some other games as well.

Quake 3 Levels

These Quake 3 deathmatch maps were each built in approximately one week each. RPG3DM2, the bluish-gray map pictured in the top screenshot, uses textures from a defunct Quake 3 single-player mod for which I was doing level-design work. Many of the texture shaders were broken, and there was not a suitable set of sky textures available, so I wrote new shaders and created new textures as necessary. RPG3DM2 received PlanetQuake's Level of the Week award on May 4, 2003.


The Ascension of Vigil

This is a project that began as a Quake side-scroller mod, and has grown into a stand-alone game. The gameplay is inspired by classic beat-em-up games, but it includes updated visual effects and new gameplay scenarios. As the level designer, it is my responsibility to envision and create these scenarios, and to provide a coherent progression for the aesthetics and gameplay. I have also taken on miscellaneous tasks, which include designing and painting in-game icons, modifying skins, and contributing to the overall design and balance of the game.

An early release of this game received first place in the Dream Coding Grand Prix Mods competition.


Quake Levels

Here are some short descriptions of the four primary Quake maps I have released. Three maps have received a Level of the Week award from PlanetQuake, and in addition RPGSP1 also received the Level of the Month award from Ethereal-Hell.

SM82 (top image) was a collaborative map project. Several authors contributed small sections of the map, and then each author took turns "gluing" them together into a cohesive unit. In addition to my original section of the map, I also added lighting to about half the map, tweaked lighting and architecture in other areas for cohesiveness, and adjusted item and enemy balance for the skill settings.

RPGDM1, pictured on the second from the top, is a Quake deathmatch level designed for 1 vs 1 and small free-for-all matches. It was developed in a highly iterative process, and the exceptional gameplay is a direct result of that. This map received a Level of the Week award from PlanetQuake.

My second Quake map, named Could (second to the bottom), is a single-player map in which I experimented with different design and lighting styles. The result was a rather unique map with a noir feel, and I am very pleased with the result. This map also received a Level of the Week award from PlanetQuake

The screenshot of RPGSP1 is on the bottom. My main objective with this map, which was my first Quake map, was to improve my visual design skills and to create a strong and well-detailed theme. I feel I achieved these objectives well. This map received two awards: one from PlanetQuake and one from Ethereal-Hell.


Cube Level

This is a map I made for the independent game Cube. Cube is an open source game that supports singleplayer and multiplayer modes and includes an in-game editor. This particular map is designed for small-sided games with two to four players, but it also works well in singleplayer mode. This map is included in the latest version of the game.