Journal articles

Robert Gove. “Automatic Narrative Summarization for Visualizing Cyber Security Logs and Incident Reports.” IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2022 (proc. VizSec 2021, best paper award). [pdf] [osf]

Robert Gove. “A Random Sampling O(n) Force-calculation Algorithm for Graph Layouts.” Computer Graphics Forum 2019 (proc. EuroVis). [pdf] [osf] [blog]

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Conference papers

Casey Haber and Robert Gove. “A Visualization Tool for Analyzing the Suitability of Software Libraries via Their Code Repositories.” Visualization and Data Analysis 2020, best paper award. [pdf] [blog]

Robert Gove. “Force-Directed Graph Layouts by Edge Sampling.” Large Data Analytics and Visualization 2019. [pdf] [osf]

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Robert Gove, Joshua Saxe, Sigfried Gold, Alex Long and Giacomo Bergamo. “SEEM: A Scalable Visualization for Comparing Multiple Large Sets of Attributes for Malware Analysis.” Visualization for Cyber Security 2014. [pdf]

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Robert Gove, Cody Dunne, Ben Shneiderman, Judith Klavans, Bonnie Dorr. “Evaluating visual and statistical exploration of scientific literature networks.” Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing 2011.

Book chapters

Robert Gove. “Gragnostics: Evaluating Fast, Interpretable Structural Graph Features for Classification and Visual Analytics” to appear in Integrating AI and Visualisation for Visual Knowledge Discovery, in the series Studies in Computational Intelligence.

Robert Gove and Jorge Faytong. “Machine learning and event-based software testing: classifiers for identifying infeasible GUI event sequences.” Advances in Computers 86.

Workshop papers

Robert Gove, Jorge Faytong. “Identifying infeasible GUI test cases using support vector machines and induced grammars.” International Workshop on TESTing Techniques and Experimentation Benchmarks for Event-Driven Software 2011.


Robert Gove and Lauren Deason. “Visualizing Automatically Detected Periodic Activity.” Malware Technical Exchange Meeting 2019.

Posters and demos

Violet Lingenfelter, Robert Gove, Chase Clark, Anthony Wong. “Arcus Internet Disruption Dashboard and Report.” Visualization for Cyber Security 2020, best poster award.

Robert Gove. “A Survey of Technical Approaches for Developing, Deploying, and Adopting Visualizations in the Cybersecurity Domain.” Visualization for Cyber Security 2017.

Robert Gove. “V3SPA: A Tool for Visually Analyzing and Diffing SELinux Security Policies.” Black Hat Arsenal 2016.

Robert Gove, Christopher Wacek, Matthew Oertle and Jeffrey Karrels. “V3SPA: An IDE and Visualization Environment for SELinux Security Policy Abstractions.” Visualization for Cyber Security 2015.

Robert Gove, Giacomo Bergamo, Joshua Saxe, Alex Long, Sigried Gold. “Cynomix: Multi-Resolution Visualization of Malware at Scale for Insight and Triage.” Malware Technical Exchange Meeting 2014.

Invited Talks